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Movie Prop Electronics

Time circuits for your Delorean Time Machine

Movie Prop Electronics

Time circuits for your Delorean Time Machine

Flux Capacitor Board


Electronics for your own replica of the iconic Flux Capacitor for your Delorean Time Machine

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Flux Capacitor electronic kit, already wired and tested, with the following accessories: Data/power cable, speaker.

Ready to install inside your own Flux Capacitor enclosure.

With this kit, your Flux Capacitor comes to life:

The three branches of 6 LEDs chase at the right speed, while the accurate chasing sound is played on the speaker. 8 volume levels can be selected by pressing an onboard button. The selected volume level is automatically stored in the internal non-volatile memory.

If you connect the cable to our TFC switch and then you trigger the temporal displacement, the center power LED turns on progressively, while the chasing LEDs shine brighter and brighter, up to 100% when 88MPH is hit. Then it goes back to normal fluxing.

As an option, you can also buy one or two harnesses for two or four auxiliary LEDs to light up with the same lighting scheme as the center LED.

A drill guide is available upon demand.

This item is a must have. We have very few of them in stock, so don’t wait to buy one!

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