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Movie Prop Electronics

Time circuits for your Delorean Time Machine

Movie Prop Electronics

Time circuits for your Delorean Time Machine



Replica of the iconic Gauges for your Delorean Time Machine

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Plutonium Gauges with all needles moving, internal lights and exact same sounds as in the movie.

Version 2: More repeatable, more reliable, all digital! The gauges use an internal stepper for precise and reliable movement.

All three meters are amazing replicas with all external AND internal details carefully replicated.

We do not use resin casted parts anymore, only high quality machined metal parts and plastic injection parts.

The enclosure of the Roentgens meter is now made of Bakelite material, injection-molded, and there are two brass threaded inserts for the screws. Just like the original.

And still:

Special upper cuttings on the aluminum plate allow perfect fitting with the lid of the Delorean glove box.

“Plutonium empty” interactive mode: if you connect this item to our TFC Switch, you may activate a secret switch so that when a time sequence has just occurred, all needles go back to 0 and the empty alarm sound rings, just like it did in the movie! No need for stealing plutonium, you just need to flip the secret button to reload the system!

There is also a side switch, just like in the movie, to force this “plutonium empty” interactive mode.

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