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Time circuits for your Delorean Time Machine

Movie Prop Electronics

Time circuits for your Delorean Time Machine

Status Indicator Display (SID)


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Status Indicator Display (SID) also called Spectrum Analyzer Display (SAD) or Cascade or Christmas Tree.

All 200 LEDs are driven by an electronic board located at the back of the unit.

These LEDs are all covered with clear LED clips, just like the original.

Pseudo-random moving patterns are displayed continuously to mimic the way it used to move in BTTF (actually a person was hidden in the car, turning knobs! Today we can do this with electronics, much more handy, isn’t it?).

Time sequence: When this unit is connected to the other props, the moving patterns go higher when the speed increases, up to full lighting at 88MPH, just the way it did in the movie.

Auto mode: There is a switch at the bottom to allow you to choose the behavior of the unit when the car does not move (or the knob on the TFC is set to 0). Either it keeps completely unlit, or it continuously generates moving patterns.


We have recently improved our design based on high definition snapshots from the blue ray: New movie accurate slotted P-clamps with purple cushions, and new electrical conduit.

Imagine the work involved in soldering 200 LEDs on a board, perfectly straight, 400 solders! plus the insertion of 200 clips in the 200 holes of the aluminum face plate… That is a considerable amount of work! Therefore, the price we are asking for this prop is very reasonable.


We have very few items in stock. So buy one now!

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