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Time circuits for your Delorean Time Machine

Movie Prop Electronics

Time circuits for your Delorean Time Machine

Door Sound Module (DSM)


Module providing sounds for doors, time event and more for your Delorean Time Machine

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This unit makes use of a high-quality stereo MP3/WAV sound player with a built-in micro-SD card reader. A 16Gb micro-SD card is provided with default folders and sound files.

This module plays the sound of doors when they are being opened, and it also plays the sound of the time travel sequence when 88MPH is hit. You can also use the remote control to play any sound stored in the micro-SD card.

A 3.5mm jack cable is provided, to connect the module’s line output to the input of your sound system.

In short:

Plays door sounds when doors are opened

Plays sound of Time Transition Event (TTE) in stereo when 88MPH is hit (needs connection to our TFC Drive Switch)

Can play any sound stored on the SD card with a four-button remote control, in MP3 or WAV formats

32 levels of volume remote controlled

Two LED indicators to check proper operation

Easy connections to TFC, car sound system and door plungers.

Custom-made enclosure for safe operation

Note: If you purchased your TFC Drive Switch before August 2019, it might need a software upgrade to increase the time sequence duration to the same as the DSM’s time sequence sound. Please contact us if you need such upgrade.

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