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Time circuits for your Delorean Time Machine

Movie Prop Electronics

Time circuits for your Delorean Time Machine

TFC Drive Switch


Replica of the iconic TFC Drive Switch for your Delorean Time Machine

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TFC Drive Switch is more than just a box full of switches, exact replica of the one you saw in the three movies.

It holds an electronic board that connects to all the other props to allow the user to drive them all the easy way.

With the front knob, you can set any speed you like on the speedometer.

With the big red switch, you initiate a “time sequence” that produces a temporal displacement on the TCD and triggers the “Full ON mode” on the SID and on the Flux Capacitor.

And of course the main Y switch allows to turn the circuits ON and OFF, and lights up the proper ON or OFF indicator.


High quality powder coated metal enclosure. Sturdy translucent plastic on the main switch.

Red vinyl labels use the original font, and black embossed labels are made with the same vintage tape embosser as the original.

Original big ON/OFF indicators made of metal with tinted glass caps

Original main switch modified just the same way it was done for the movie, with vintage “Dayton” label and accurate Y handle.

Rear cutting of the box allows to run the cables easily without seeing them: they get hidden by the nearby “gold box”.


This unit is made with very expensive parts, and requires a lot of work to be made, but we sell it for a very reasonable price.

It gives you control to everything, so… you can’t miss it!

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